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Aedraxis - Defiants Aedraxis - Guardians
Akylios - Defiants Akylios - Guardians
Alsbeth - Defiants Alsbeth - Guardians
Amardis - Defiants Amardis - Guardians
Arcanis - Defiants Arcanis - Guardians
Ashstone - Defiants Ashstone - Guardians
Asphodel - Defiants Asphodel - Guardians
Atrophinius - Defiants Atrophinius - Guardians

Belmont - Defiants Belmont - Guardians
Briarcliff - Defiants Briarcliff - Guardians
Byriel - Defiants Byriel - Guardians

Carrion - Defiants Carrion - Guardians
Corthana - Defiants Corthana - Guardians
Crucia - Defiants Crucia - Guardians

Dayblind - Defiants Dayblind - Guardians
Deepstrike - Defiants Deepstrike - Guardians
Deepwood - Defiants Deepwood - Guardians
Dimroot - Defiants Dimroot - Guardians

Emberlord - Defiants Emberlord - Guardians
Endless - Defiants Endless - Guardians
Epoch - Defiants Epoch - Guardians
Estrael - Defiants Estrael - Guardians

Faeblight - Defiants Faeblight - Guardians
Faemist - Defiants Faemist - Guardians
Freeholme - Defiants Freeholme - Guardians

Galena - Defiants Galena - Guardians
Gnarlwood - Defiants Gnarlwood - Guardians
Greenscale - Defiants Greenscale - Guardians
Greybriar - Defiants Greybriar - Guardians

Hammerlord - Defiants Hammerlord - Guardians
Harrow - Defiants Harrow - Guardians

Kaleida - Defiants Kaleida - Guardians
Keenblade - Defiants Keenblade - Guardians
Kelpmere - Defiants Kelpmere - Guardians

Laethys - Defiants Laethys - Guardians
Lotham - Defiants Lotham - Guardians

Millrush - Defiants Millrush - Guardians
Molinar - Defiants Molinar - Guardians

Perspice - Defiants Perspice - Guardians
Plutonus - Defiants Plutonus - Guardians

Rasmolov - Defiants Rasmolov - Guardians
Reclaimer - Defiants Reclaimer - Guardians
Regulos - Defiants Regulos - Guardians
Rocklift - Defiants Rocklift - Guardians

Seastone - Defiants Seastone - Guardians
Shadefallen - Defiants Shadefallen - Guardians
Shatterbone - Defiants Shatterbone - Guardians
Silkweb - Defiants Silkweb - Guardians
Snarebrush - Defiants Snarebrush - Guardians
Spitescar - Defiants Spitescar - Guardians
Stonecrest - Defiants Stonecrest - Guardians
Sunrest - Defiants Sunrest - Guardians

Tearfall - Defiants Tearfall - Guardians
Threesprings - Defiants Threesprings - Guardians
Todrin - Defiants Todrin - Guardians

Wolfsbane - Defiants Wolfsbane - Guardians

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