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News > Soundcloud is initiative to support up-and-coming and independent artists
News Detail
Soundcloud is initiative to support up-and-coming and independent artists

Soundcloud continues to make monumental moves in its initiative to support up-and-coming and independent artists.

Now, Repost has inked a slate of latest partnerships with music producers and leisure corporations to create what it calls “personalized creator service packages” to develop “promising unbiased artists”.

Amongst Reposts new companions are songwriter and producer Linda Perry, T-Ache’s Nappy Boy Leisure, CAD Administration, and multimedia music platform UVC.

Clubhouse Sessions is part of SoundCloud’s 2021 accelerator programme. SoundCloud says the artists will be allowed to invite their collaborators, friends and fans each week to join in on the live conversations and connect with musicians, influencers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders.


REPOST will work directly with each partner to develop “tailor-made marketing and distribution plans” to support breaking artists and help them grow their careers on and off SOUNDCLOUD.

Select services include audience development, digital distribution to all major streaming platforms, monetization through SOUNDCLOYUD’s recently launched fan-powered royalties program, publicity support, opportunities around brand partnerships and creative sync licensing, and more.

With these strategic partnerships, artist are able to benefit from a number of services. Some of these include audience development, digital distribution to all major DSPs, monetization through Soundcloud’s power royalties program and more.

“Soundcloud is where so many truly promising artists and tomorrow’s stars take their first career steps, says Jeff Ponchick, Vice President and Head of Repost.

In the meantime, partnering with Nappy Boy Leisure, which was based by R&B and hip-hop artist T-Ache, Repost will assist artist and producer SprngBrk, who has already collaborated with the likes of Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Drake and others.

“I’m so excited to connect live with these First on SoundCloud artists, who represent such a diverse range of backgrounds, identities and sounds,” Solano said. “I’m really looking forward to the amazing conversations and, as a fan myself, getting to know them better. I know first-hand as an artist the importance of sharing your story authentically, and that’s what I will aim to bring forward in this – real, raw conversations that give fans a true picture of each artist and the journey it took for them to arrive where they’re at now.”

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