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News > World of Warcraft welcomed another mount Wandering Ancient Trees chosen by the community
News Detail
World of Warcraft welcomed another mount Wandering Ancient Trees chosen by the community

Patch 9.0.5 is finally available on World of Warcraft Shadowlands and has brought a lot of new features. Class changes and balances, changes in raids and dungeons, return of Valor Points, but also a new mount!

Now Blizzard has not officially made an announcement, but we are supposed to have a look at the upcoming mount: in the video for the upcoming BlizzConline. It shows various designers and developers at work. And one of the designers is obviously working on a model of such an ancient one, which is currently not in the game. The chances are therefore very high that this is the upcoming mount. But of course it is also possible that this model will take on a different role. For example as a model in an upcoming Ardenwald raid or something similar.

A tree to rule all other treesOne of the coolest thing about the giant tree, formally known as The Wandering Ancient, is that he is seasonal. His leaves change colour depending on what season it is, which is certainly a nice touch. He’s also really fucking big. In fact, he’s probably one of the only mounts that a Tauren won’t look ridiculous trying to straddle.

Player response to Blizzard's announcement in the above embedded tweet has been pretty positive. It's been a long time coming, too, as the Night Elves in Warcraft III had their own mythology with the trees in that universe. For that reason, this seems like a long time coming. We've got to say, riding around in a giant tree would be pretty sweet. Players won't have to wait too awful long, as the Walking Ancient is due to drop at the same time as the WoW Shadowlands Chains of Domination update, which will also include some new flying mounts as well.

How do I get the Ancient Wanderer mount in WoW Shadowlands?
A while back Blizzard published a survey asking players to decide which mount they wanted to see included in World of Warcraft. It was ultimately the Old Wanderer who won the poll and has been available since March 10, 2021 for free. To retrieve the mount, nothing could be simpler, just go to the mount collection tab and look for the Ancient Wandering (source). A gift then appears and you must click on open to unlock the mount.

However, it seems that some players do not have the mount. This is probably due to a technical delay as stated by Blizzard (source). A little patience so all Shadowlands players will have the mount!

So there you have it. The first “special community mount” in World of Warcraft is a beautiful, colour-changing, bloody huge tree. Enjoy, you loveable bunch.

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